wild herb, ethical, natural soap - savon sauvage- set of 3


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Savon Sauvage
is a set of natural soap bars
-Marron, Rosemary and Sage (around 90g)
-Into the forest - pine resin Soap (around 80g)
-Into the Fog- poplar buds soap (around 70g)

The soap is produced with wild collected plants in the french countryside,
some of the herbs I cultivate in my garden.
It is made localy, ethical and vegan with all respect to nature. It is not an industrial product, so expect that each piece is a bit different and you might find small imprefections in form.
All the essential oils are organic origin, also olive oil, shea butter and coconut come from a fair and organic producer.

Plant ingridients:

Marron, Rosemary and Sage bar:
olive oil, coconut oil, ricin oil, marron infusion, rosemary and sage infusion, essential oil: rosemary, sage and citronelle, home made apple cider vinegar.

This soap is a french classic. With an natural smell of Rosemary and Sage it is just a treat!
Marrons are known for their beneficial properties for skin and are a strong saponifier.

Into the Forest bar:

This soap is a song of praise to the forest surrounding my house and my garden. With a decent natural smell and plenty of diffenent plant ingridients the pine plays the main role. The winter is a time of collecting pine resin. The trees produce this amazing balsam to heal wounds, with strong antifungal and anti-inflamatory properties.

Oliveoil infused with pine resin, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, ricin oil, marron infusion, shea butter, apple vinegar (infused with calendula, nettle, plantain, bourrache) calendula flowers, essential oil of : pin silvestre

Into the Fog bar:
Oliveoil infused with buds of poplar, coconut oil, ricin oil, marron infusion.

This is a very special soap. It has not many ingredients but it has all the blessing from the unique properties of poplar. There was a huge storm in late winter and a whole poplar tree was torn out of the soil. I was able to gain a really precious herbal material: the poplar buds.
Poplar buds contain resin of an beautiful propolis smell, they are known for their anti-inflamatory properties. Poplar has a joint and muscle pain relief property, it is also good for external treatment of skin. This soap is called "Into the Fog" because of its extraordinary poplar scent which brings me back in the memory to the misty morning after the strom.

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